About us

Who we are

A2I is an agribusiness private entity that promotes the development and application of the available agribusiness innovations and technologies that will have an immediate result in increased economic viability and enhanced productivity for the farmers leading to industrial and economic growth, higher living standards and vibrant farmer communities. Formed with the intent to research, add value, process, develop innovations and disseminate information regarding industrial technologies, A2I strives to bring technologies that bridge the gap in most effective manner. We provide adaptable sustainable processing and value addition technologies to the most pressing and intractable agribusiness, agricultural and industrial development challenges. Our activities span the agro-industrial development continuum, from meeting farmer market needs, production skills, food production security and nutrition towards enhanced household income.

Vision Statement

Innovations that catalyze competitive value-added products for sustainable livelihoods and industrial sector.

Mission Statement

The stimulate adoption of appropriate agro-processing and value addition technologies for socioeconomic transformation.

Cooperate Social Responsibility

A2I participates in charity works, community development activities and contributes to different charity organization, Churches, Schools, Cooperatives, Associations and Football Clubs around Uganda.

Our Core Values

Quality assurance

We take great care to ensure all our products and services conform to national and international standards.

Customer satisfaction

We take great care to ensure that all our products reach our customers in perfect condition.

Consumer safety

We value health and safety of our customers and therefore priotise food safety and product quality throughout the processes.


We believe in innovation and continuous process improvement


We focus at exhibiting a high level of professionalism